Original Airdate August 27, 2014
SoCal Connected on KCET

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At first glance, they might look like mimes covered in mud from head to toe. They walk slowly along the L.A. River and the Venice Boardwalk, turning heads everywhere they go.

Known as the "L.A. Mudpeople," this close-knit troupe dons square "heads," minimal clothing, and sticks. They are intrigued by today's modern-day urban jungle, a place infested with bizarre street signs, trash cans, and pedestrian walk signals.

The troupe was founded a few decades ago by Mike M. Mollett, who still leads group members on various trails and walk outs in what he calls "non-performances."

In essence, they are ultimately the walking contradiction of the fast-paced and modern-day lives of Angelenos.

Reporter Nick Hardcastle shadows this intriguing troupe, and interviews local passersby to hear their reactions in this segment of "SoCal Connected."

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