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Pet Cemeteries: Preserving the Memories of Your Pets

Original Airdate June 4, 2014

Honoring the memory of a loved one at the cemetery isn't just a ritual reserved for humans. At the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park and Crematorium, pets can have the same dignified treatment, if not more.

Since 1928, more than 40,000 pets have had a special place at this Calabasas-based pet cemetery.

As KCET Departures' Hadley Meares writes, "many of the graves seem to be lovingly tended with much greater frequency than the human ones I usually encounter."

The facility also has a special mausoleum and crematorium for those who wish to choose from a variety of funeral rituals.

In this "SoCal Connected" segment, KCET's Jennifer Sabih takes a closer look at the nation's second largest pet cemetery.


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