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Silver Lake's 'Chandelier Tree'

A neighborhood chandelier tree has become a mesmerizing attraction on West Silverlake Drive for the past six years.

The creator behind the magical abode is Adam Tenenbaum, a Silver Lake resident who probably pays more for his electricity bill than the ordinary resident.

The tree is a product of donations and purchases from swap meets and film sets. Tenenbaum says a lot of the chandeliers even have designated names.

Silver Lake's chandelier tree is just one example of art installed on private property throughout Southern California. KCET's Artbound has covered several art pieces found in Riverside, Altadena and San Diego.

This short documentary was captured by filmmaker Colin Kennedy, best known for directing "Pyrakantha," the story of a professional skateboarder navigating the streets of Los Angeles before the night sets in.

  • Tio's Tacos stands as an emblem of recycled art in the heart of downtown Riverside. From glittering multi-colored bottles to mosaic tiles -- there's a bit of creativity found in every little crevice of Martin Sanchez' whimsical wonderland.


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