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The Future of Leimert Park

Original Airdate June 11, 2014

What is the future of Leimert Park, the hub of African-American arts and culture?

Nic Cha Kim takes a look at the 1.2 square-mile stretch of Leimert Park, also known as "the black Greenwich Village."

Kim travels to various parts of the village for "SoCal Connected" to ask business owners, residents, and stakeholders about the future of Leimert Park and whether gentrification will impact the neighborhood's culture.

With the scheduled 2019 opening of a Metro stop in the area, how will business owners and residents react to the neighborhood's transformation?

Some say the city's historic art presence is something that can help tackle new changes and preserve the city's roots. Upscale art galleries like Papillion have captivated the attention of Leimert Park residents. But will this change the face of the village or work to raise the art scene and attract new visitors?

Leimert Park longtimer Ben Caldwell told KCET Departures that more efforts like Papillion are on the way.

Will Leimert Park lose its core cultural identity as the hub of African-American arts and culture? Join the discussion in this episode of "SoCal Connected."

Music for the history section of this story by Alberta Hunter/Fats Waller/Creative Commons License cc-by-sa-3.0


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