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Terry 'Unigeezer' Peterson: Unicycle Extraordinaire

Terry "Unigeezer" Peterson lives on edge as he rides for hundreds of miles on his favorite unicycle.

Peterson is no stranger to extreme sports. At one point, he covered 100 miles on his one-wheeler in just 11 hours. He gets plenty of practice as he tries out new tricks down a fleet of stairs in his backyard in Torrance, Calif.

Peterson received his first unicycle at the age of eight, but he didn't get serious about the sport until he turned 50. After spending much of his time as a piano tuner, Peterson made a conscious decision to get out, and get in shape. That's when he turned to unicycles.

You can expect to spot Peterson riding around the Huntington Beach Promenade and Fargo Street, one of the steepest streets in Los Angeles.

Unigeezer says he doesn't plan on retiring from unicycles any time soon.

"I don't see myself quitting. I see myself riding into my 80s. I want to be the oldest extreme unicyclist as I probably am at this point," he says.


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