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Fishing for Truth: Mislabeled Seafood

Original Airdate May 21, 2014

There's something fishy about those seafood labels.

California is notorious for having one of the highest mislabeling rates in the nation, according to Oceana, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the ocean.

The nonprofit also found that nearly 52 percent of seafood from grocery stores and sushi restaurants throughout L.A. and Orange counties is mislabeled.

In this "SoCal Connected" segment, science journalist Cara Santa Maria visited the historic Dory Fleet in Newport Beach and the Santa Monica Seafood Market to find out what's really on your plate.

In recent news, anonymous reports to CalTIP (Californians Turn in Poachers and Polluters) have led to the arrest of several people accused of skimming fish from local receivers. Over the span of two months, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to estimate tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen and illegally landed fish.

How can you be certain you're getting what you're paying for? And where can you buy the best certified seafood? KCET Food's Rick Paulas and Greenpeace have done the homework for you with a list of grocery store seafood rankings.

Monterey Bay Aquarium has also compiled a list of seafood with eco-certified labels, and you can download a pocket guide from its Seafood Watch website.

SoCal Connected on KCET

KCET's Sarah Parvini has rounded up a list of five local seafood markets along the coast where you can see what you're getting first-hand.


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