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The Lawn Goodbye and California's Water Woes

Original Airdate May 28, 2014

Southern California is known for its array of perfectly manicured lawns and palm trees. But with an ongoing drought -- the worst in more than 500 years -- SoCal residents are being urged to cut down on water usage and find alternatives.

One expert told "SoCal Connected" reporter Jennifer Sabih that nearly 60 percent of the water bill goes to the upkeep of manicured lawns and the watering landscape in Southern California.

In the midst of a drought, some residents have turned to inexpensive lawn alternatives like UC Verde Buffalograss or the California Bentgrass, which uses nearly half the water required by typical lawns.

Thinking of bidding farewell to your lawn? As an incentive, the Department of Water and Power is offering homeowners $2 per square foot of grass removed.

Those embracing a lawn-free zone include gardens in Mar Vista which are home to drought-resistant succulents and vegetables. KCET Living has a list of standout homes that have eliminated lawns and incorporated drought-friendly alternatives.


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