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The Fate of Feral Cats

Approximately two million untamed feral cats roam the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Some homeowners are concerned about the increase of feral cats in their communities. They aren't too keen on letting feral colonies run around freely, only to be greeted by a trail of feces on their front lawns.

Some advocacy groups and homeowners are pushing for the "trap, neuter, and release" method, commonly known as TNR, which aims to trap feral cats, then spay, and release them back into the community without causing a nuisance or burden to homeowners.

In this 2012 segment of "SoCal Connected," reporter Judy Muller examines Los Angeles' proposed no-kill policy, which aims to not euthanize animals unless they are dangerous or sick.

What are your thoughts on feral cats and L.A.'s proposed no-kill policy? Do you live in a neighborhood infested with feral cats?


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