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KCET will be holding a Google Hangout chat with "The Campaign" director Christie Herring and producer Marc Smolowitz on Tuesday, June 25 @ 10PM PST. Want to watch? Join in here. Got a question for Herring? Thoughts on Prop 8 in general? The Supreme Court's decision on Prop 8? Post it in the comments below, tweet it to us @KCET or post it on our Facebook page.

Heartbreaking and inspiring, "The Campaign" is a human drama that follows ordinary people compelled by a passionate belief in equality to go far beyond their everyday selves. They're caught in the political firestorm of one of the largest social issue campaigns the U.S. has ever seen: the campaign to defeat California's Proposition 8 and to defend same-sex marriage. With exclusive access to the statewide headquarters of "No on 8," the story tracks Holli, Claudia, Richard, Anne, and Alison through emotional battles to protect their families, their rights, and their dignity.

They learn that growing social acceptance does not always translate into votes, but that participating in the political process transforms them -- win or lose.

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