The Edible Garden: Breaking Ground

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Portrait of Florence Nishida - A master gardener and teacher.Backyard gardens are sprouting up all over the country. Thousands of people are rediscovering the joys and benefits of growing their own vegetables. But if you've never put a spade into the ground where do you start? "The Edible Garden: Breaking Ground" takes you step-by-step through the basics. Six expert gardeners will show you how they use sustainable methods to grow beautiful organic produce. They tell you how to size up your land and lay out your garden; how to create nourishing soil; how to decide what to plant; how to deal with pests without insecticides; how to water and harvest your crops. You'll see how gardens come in all shapes and sizes -- big and small, on flat ground and slopes, in sun and shade, in containers and in community plots. Whether it's eating healthy, getting in touch with nature or saving money, more and more would-be 'green thumbs' are joining what has been called the "grow-your-own revolution".Val Zavala hosts this informative program that inspires the backyard farmer in all of us.

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Wonderful to have KCET sponsor this program and include several of our Master Gardeners! Our University of California Cooperative Extension Los Angeles County Common Ground Garden Program offers Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative classes every Fall and Spring. See our website for more info, and join either or both of our resource elists: 1) Community Gardening and Food Security, 2) School Gardening. or email


My favorite KCET program is At Home with Venetia in Kyoto. I see that the Sunday 5 pm slot is being usurped by The Edible Garden.
While I am at it, What gives with the programming for At Home. I never know when it is going to be a repeat. It looks like there are plenty of episodes! Please respond.


Hi Richen,
Thanks for you comment! I've passed your concern along to programing. We're going to try to make the listing clearer for all.

Yoli Martinez Community Moderator