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THE GREATEST GOOD chronicles the rich history of the U.S. Forest Service in celebration of the agency's centennial. The documentary, narrated by CBS News veteran Charles Osgood, uses rarely seen footage and photography, sweeping aerial shots and dozens of interviews to tell this complex and compelling American story. The story of the U.S. Forest Service turns along this axis of exploitation and protection. Founded in 1905 - before environmentalism and the National Park Service - the U.S. Forest Service mission was twofold: manage public lands by conserving natural resources and maximizing their social benefits. The two-hour film traces the Forest Service's efforts to deliver the most benefits to the most people, while still remaining conscientious stewards of the land. THE GREATEST GOOD also profiles the Forest Service employees who developed ways of addressing major natural resource issues, including grazing, fire, wilderness, game and wildlife, watershed protection, recreation and timber.
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