Ana and Isa | Power of 2/Flickr

A Message from Ana & Isa

We are humbled, awed and deeply grateful to our friends, families and communities for their immense support of this film. Most of all, we truly appreciate the initiative of Andrew Byrnes, without whom this film would not even have been conceived. We are so thankful to Marc Smolowitz, whose creative energy, passion, and dedication made our story unfold so beautifully on screen. And we give special thanks to our childhood best friends, Jennifer Schmidt and Naomi Takeuchi, with whom we've gone through the ups and downs of our illness paths, and finally to their critical involvement in the production of The Power Of Two.

For the first decade of our lives, we existed in an isolated bubble, believing we were the only ones dealing with cystic fibrosis. Our earliest wish was that more people would know what CF was and how our lives were impacted by it. That desire to spread the word found a spark when health care providers wanted to hear our stories. Because our narratives were validated, appreciated and demanded, we gradually grew from insecure sick kids to confident adults with a valuable story to tell. Our compassionate listeners have made our illness paths so much more meaningful.

Our lives mimic those of many of our sisters and brothers struggling with illnesses like CF all over the globe. This film is dedicated to all those living with cystic fibrosis - past, present and future. Our wish is that, in a small way, people with CF and other illnesses, and those who need organ transplants, will be inspired, and their lives will be made easier because our story helped raise awareness of these critical health issues.