Things That Aren't Here Any More Contest

Want to win a free DVD of Things That Aren't Here Anymore 3? The first person to ID all of the places depicted in the photo gallery below - or barring that, the person who IDs the most photos between now and Things 3's last airing on Sunday, June 13 at 3:00PM - wins a free Things That Aren't Here Anymore 3 DVD!

The rules are simple: just write your list of locations in the comments below in the order that they appear in the slideshow. (If you need a grid view of the pictures, click here.) Please make sure that you use a valid email when signing up to comment, otherwise we'll have no way to reach you about your win!

Things That Aren't Here Any More 3 revisits the nightclubs, restaurants, stores, family attractions and hangouts that created fond memories for a generation of people growing up and living in Southern California.

Just one procedural note: After a winner is announced, it will take 3-4 weeks for your prize to be mailed out, so please be patient!

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From the grid, pics are as follows from left to right;
1 unknown skating rink, but ill guess its in the ballroom in Santa Monica
#2,8,9,12 is Chasens, Beverly Hills
#3,31 is of Tower Records Sunset
#5,33,34 Is Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco
#6 unknown
#7,10,11 is the Golden Gate Theater ELA
#4,13,14,(15?) Leimert Park/Theater
#16,17,19,22 Pandoras Box
#18,21,26,27 Hollywood Ranch Market
#23,38 Cruisers on Whittier Blvd.
#25 Ben Franks on Sunset
#29,30 Tiny Naylors
#32 Van DeKamps


Tom, looks like you are both our only entrant and our winner! We will be writing you via the email you used to register for to get your mailing address.



Thank you so much! I realized after watching the show again, how quite a few eluded me! It was alot of fun though, and thanks again for offering this contest! I am a sucker for the nostalgic and loved all "Things that aren't here anymore" series! I really hope they do continue this series, as there is so much more that could be covered. I love Los Angeles!