Feb 23

Athens, Greece: World History Comes to Life

Deemed by many as the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is alive with history and a vibrant culture. The adventure begins as the Travel With Kids family boards on an overnight ferry from Italy to Patras, in the Peloponnese, and then a bus to Athens, where they check into a hotel on Syntagma Square, home of the famous changing of the guard. After roaming through the National Gardens, Nathan and Seamus discover the ancient Olympic stadium, where they race for gold on the track. What's a trip to Athens without visiting the Acropolis? But, the Acropolis at sunset is even better with glowing orange shades covering the Parthenon and views across the modern city. The new Acropolis Museum, with its glass floors reveals the ongoing excavations of the ancient civilization that still remains under the city, making the ruins come to life. End the evening strolling the narrow streets of the wild Plaka district with its outdoor cafes and shops.