Feb 25

Cusco, Peru: The Inca Empire

One of the oldest and most magical cities in South America, the ancient Incan city of Cusco holds many treasures for the family as they explore the narrow streets and colorful markets, which bustle with llamas and crafts. The kids head out by trolley from the expansive town square to get a good overview of the city and visit some nearby Inca ruins. Then, the family heads to the nearby town of Pisac where villagers come from all over the region to exchange goods - everything from spices to guinea pigs to wooly sweaters. On the way back, the kids meet some of the local animals who have donated their fur to the craft industry at the Llama and Alpaca Farm. Back in Cusco, the family lends their time to a Peruvian charity helping local kids and enjoys a colorful festival as dancers parade through cobbled streets next to ancient Inca walls.