Feb 24

Greek Islands Adventure: Paros & Santorini

Head out from Athens by ferry to the island of Paros, where Nathan and Seamus are met by a local family who takes them to explore the islands by catamaran. Captain George docks off the small island of Anti-Paros to snorkel, dine with the locals and explore the tiny island of Despotikos with its newly excavated Temple of Apollo. After an overnight on the catamaran, head back to Paros to explore the ancient churches and twisting white-washed alleyways. Back on board the ferry, it's onward to the popular island of Santorini where the family stays in a small villa perched high on a volcanic cliff overlooking the sea. Explore the jumbled maze of narrow streets of Fira, ride donkeys and take a boat out to what is left of the volcano. Santorini is known for its vistas, but none is as famous as the sunset from the ancient village of Oia with its beautiful blue dome churches. On the other side of the island, the family enjoys some down time on the black sand beaches and learns to dance - and throw plates - at an exciting festival set to wild Greek music..."Opa!"