This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Hollywood Ladies and Outpost

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Read more about KCET's Huell-centric programming here and share your memories of Huell with other fans here.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Happy Wanderers"

Huell spends a day with the cast and crew of the popular 60s TV travel show, "The Happy Wanderers," and meets Henrietta, wife of the series star Slim Barnard.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Hollywood Ladies"

Huell visits with five ladies who were all actresses in the 40s and who have remained friends and walked together every Saturday for 50 years.

Take the 'Doc Martin' Trivia Challenge and Win Tea for Two!

Attention all "Doc Martin" fans: You have a chance to show off how well you know a certain show about a crabby doctor in a picturesque English town!

Between now and KCET's premiere of the sixth season of "Doc Martin" on Thursday, February 6, we'll be asking four trivia questions. For every correct answer, you'll be put into a raffle to win a $150 gift certificate at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena -- a prize that would be perfect for a fancy, tea service. (See the official rules here.) What better way to celebrate a proper English gent like Martin?

If you missed the first three questions, no worries! There is one more! Here's your final "Doc Martin" trivia question: Where is the show filmed?

In the form below, type in your answer, plus your name, email address and phone number. If you give us the right answer, you're in!

And remember: This is the final question. You have until Feb. 5 to answer. Good luck!

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One Year Later, Fans Give Huell Howser a Sunset Salute

Raising hands for Huell Howser at sunset. | Photo: Zach Behrens/KCET

A year ago today, people throughout California mourned the loss of a person they'd never met but whom they felt like they knew. To longtime viewers of "California's Gold" and his other shows, Huell Howser was an educator, an entertainer, an ambassador to the Golden State, and an inspiration to find the amazing in the commonplace. And it was this love for the longtime public TV host that drew a band of fans to Griffith Park today, to say goodbye once again and to remember the work he did.

Just as last year's Huell Howser memorial had been, this event was organized by L.A. City Councilmember Tom LaBonge. "We're going to do what Huell would have wanted us to do," LaBonge declared, "We're going to look at the beautiful California gold of that sunset," at which point the crowd of around 100 took a moment to observe how beautiful California can be.

This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- California Flowers and Pink's Hot Dogs

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We're still airing our "viewer's choice" episodes this week! To find out how KCET viewers voted in our Huell Howser poll, click here. Read more about KCET's Huell-centric programming here and share your memories of Huell with other fans here.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "50's Motels"

The '50s live on in Palm Springs, and Huell Howser visits some of the best examples of architecture from that decade - motels.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Golden Gate Bridge"

California's most recognized landmark takes center stage in an episode which focuses on its history (including rare footage of its construction) its beauty, and the incredible maintenance work that goes on daily to keep this towering structure in mint condition.

Find Out Which Episodes Will Air in the Huell Howser Marathon

The results are in! More than 6,000 votes have decided which Huell Howser episodes of "California's Gold" and "Visiting With Huell Howser" will air in the Jan. 5 marathon. Here are the top vote-getters, in order:

The marathon will include five hour-long episodes, and the remaining episodes will air the following week.

Sunday, Jan. 5:
7 p.m. -- "In-N-Out Burger"
8 p.m. -- "Galco's"
9 p.m. -- "Life in Death Valley"
10 p.m. -- "Half Dome"
11 p.m. -- "Hollywood Sign"
Midnight -- "Classic Arts Showcase" (This, the last Huell episode ever made, is being added to the schedule as a producer's pick.)

Monday, Jan. 6:
7:30 p.m. -- "50s Motels"

Tuesday, Jan. 7:
7:30 p.m. -- "Golden Gate Bridge"

Wednesday, Jan. 8:
7:30 p.m. -- "Firefall"

Thursday, Jan. 9:
7:30 p.m. -- "California Flowers"

Friday, Jan. 10:
7:30 p.m. -- "Pink's Chili Dogs"

Saturday, Jan. 11:
5 p.m. -- "Ansel Adams"
5:30 p.m. -- "Palm Springs History Tour #1"

Sunday, Jan. 12:
7 p.m. -- "Elephant Update"
7:30 p.m. -- "Classic Arts Showcase" (encore presentation)

This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Abalone Farm and Cow Tongue

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Find out what classic episodes of "Visiting" are airing on KCET this week! Read more about KCET's Huell-centric programming here and share your memories of Huell with other fans here.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Soap"

Huell travels to the Soap Kitchen in Pasadena to learn all about soap-making, from the early history of mixing animal tallow with wood ashes, to the mass market bars of Ivory soap. This adventure will leave you clean all over!

Watch a preview:

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Abalone Farm"

Huell travels to the Central Coast to visit an abalone farm. For years, Californian's could pluck these mollusks off the rocks at low tide. Over fishing and pollution has forced people to come up with other ways to supply our needs, The Abalone Farm Inc. in Cayucos has been growing and selling abalone since 1968. Huell also goes to a local café to sample some farm raised abalone.

This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Pastrami and Spam


Find out what classic episodes of "Visiting" are airing on KCET this week! Read more about KCET's Huell-centric programming here and share your memories of Huell with other fans here.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Movie Nursery"

Huell visits Jackson Shrub, a family owed and operated nursery that has been supplying the movie and television industry with both live and artificial plants since 1937.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Ablitt House"

Huell visits this unique house which was built on a 20-by-20 square foot lot in the heart of Old Town Santa Barbara.

Watch a preview:

Yes, 'Doc Martin' Season 6 Is Coming to KCET!

Click above. It's the ITV teaser for the sixth season of "Doc Martin." Don't worry; it's not incredibly spoilery, unless you think it's a spoiler to find out that Martin is still grumpy. Think of this as just a taste of the new (and possibly final!) season of the show, which premieres on KCET on February 6 at 8 p.m.

We know you've waited a long time to return to Portwenn, so to make the next two months a little easier, he's how KCET is giving you an extra dose of Martin Clunes.

Beginning Thursday, Dec. 5, at 8 p.m., KCET will start airing the fifth season of "Doc Martin" as a lead-in to the sixth. (And if you need to catch up on episodes before that, check out our recaps.)

The "Good Martin/Bad Martin" programming block continues for the next four weeks, with the final four episodes of the "nice" Martin Clunes sitcom, "William and Mary," which airs directly after "Doc Martin." The final episode of "William and Mary" airs Thursday, Dec. 26.

On Jan. 2 at 8 p.m., we're premiering "Doc Martin & The Legend of the Cloutie," a 2003 movie that has Martin playing Dr. Bamford, a sort of proto-Dr. Martin Ellingham. (Get the background on this here.) Watch a preview:

After the completion of "William and Mary," KCET air Martin Clunes specials after each Thursday night airing of "Doc Martin."

  • On Jan. 9 at 8:46 p.m., it's "Martin Clunes: Man to Manta," which features Clunes swims with the sea's most enormous and enigmatic creatures.
  • On Jan.16 at 8:46 p.m., it's "Martin Clunes: Lemurs of Madagascar," in which Clunes examines the plight of this rare and endearing species.
  • On Jan. 23 at 8:46 p.m., it's "Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower," which focuses on Clunes' efforts to train two Clydesdales to work on his farm.
  • And finally on Jan. 30 at 8:46 p.m., it's the premiere of "Doc Martin Revealed," a behind-the-scenes look at the sixth season of "Doc Martin." Viewers get inside access to the actors and crew as they film sequences on the balcony at Large's Restaurant and in the nearby pub that doubles for the Crab & Lobster.

This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Animal Acres and Pen Collectors


Find out what classic episodes of "Visiting" are airing on KCET this week! Read more about KCET's Huell-centric programming here and share your memories of Huell with other fans here.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Animal Acres"

Huell visits Shelley Morrison (Rosario on "WIll & Grace") at Animal Acres, a facility caring for neglected and abused farm animals in Acton, California.

Watch a preview:

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Pen Collectors"

Huell meets a group of fountain pen collectors at their annual meeting.

Vote: You Choose Which Episodes Air in the Huell Howser Marathon


"What's your favorite Huell Howser episode?"

That's a question we don't get tired of asking, because it seldom results in a simple answer. No, people are much more likely to tell us why they connected with a given episode, why it spoke to them and, really, why Huell himself spoke to them. It's because Huell Howser had such a special relationship with his viewers that KCET is giving them a chance to remember him and celebrate the episodes they love most.

Yes, we're airing a Huell Howser marathon, and yes, you get to pick which episodes will be part of it.

Below, you'll see a list of 50 episodes. You get to vote for the five. (I mean, we could hardly expect Huell Howser superfans to pick just one episode.) Don't see your go-to episode? Write it in at the bottom. Don't recognize the episode by title? Click on it to read more about that episode.

On Sunday, January 5, we'll air the top vote-getters from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. on KCET. Following that, the top five will air again the following week in KCET's regular weekday Huell Howser timeslot -- 7:30 p.m.

Happy voting!

Watch full episodes of Huell's shows on our video portal or on the Chapman University archive. Check out clips from Huell's pre-KCET days in our Retro Huell section. And if you haven't yet, take a moment to sign Huell's memorial page.