A Trip to Port Wenn of 'Doc Martin': What Would You Ask Martin Clunes?

Barely over the jetlag from my vacation in Northern Ireland, I am heading overseas for a work assignment that's keeping me awake at nights in anticipation.

I'm about to produce a behind-the-scenes on "Doc Martin," the brilliant comedy starring Martin Clunes. The fifth season is about to wrap up production in Cornwall and the producers have granted two days for our shoot.

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While I am preparing questions for my interview with the star and cast of the series, I call on KCET viewers to share your questions below in the comments section. I'm not certain how much time I will have for my interview with Mr. Clunes, but I invite you to pose questions you'd like me to ask.

I'll be posting a diary throughout the trip over to Port Isaac, the village that plays Port Wenn in the show. I look forward to hearing from you soon (three days before I head over).

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Oh wow...what an awesome opportunity! Good luck!

A few questions I would ask:

1. Does the end of the final season spell a new, gentler Doc?
2. Are you (in real life) more of a country or city mouse?
3. Whose idea was Doc Martin's haircut (as I believe Clunes wears his hair longer, a lot different than the ultra-cropped Doc cut!)


Thanks Mr. Zachary,
The questions I would ask of Mr. Clunes :
1) what do you hope for in your career as an actor and producer going forward?
2) will there be room for more animals on your farm?


It was a birthday wish come true for me to travel to Port Issac in May as I am a big fan of the show and wanted to experience the filming and also express my gratitude to MC and crew for their brilliant dramedy series. I especially enjoyed Mr Clunes' portrayal of Mr Chipping in Goodbye Mr Chips and thought it would be fun to tell him that in person which I did as well as reading a poem I wrote for him. I would like to ask if he and Philippa enjoyed the other poems and script ideas we mailed to Rosscarock Farm. Meeting them both as well as other stars made the trip fantastic. I even sang Daydream
Believer with Ian McNeice on the slipway! E. Seroka USA


Despite his grumpiness, Martin Ellingham is a character that appeals to a lot of women -- sort of a "fixer-upper" in a way, and also it's very endearing how much he loves Louisa. I'd love to know whether Martin Clunes gets any passionate mail from women who are drawn to this character, and what he thinks about that.


In addtion to asking if Mr. Clunes was amused by my poetry submissions and Tom's dream/script ideas for the show, we would also like to know if there will be a 6th series.
Two of my poems will be published in the "Trio" a Port Isaac village newsletter and the one I read to Mr Clunes on my visit will hang in the Stowaway Teahouse. I know he remembers me if you talk to him as I left an appreciative impression about his contribution to dramedy. It was wonderful to travel that far and actually chinwag a bit with the STARS... My US friends are in awe that this actually happened and I think Mr Clunes will be amused by this story. Cheers E. Seroka and Tom Czarnik Brighton, Michigan USA


As a skilled and intelligent actor, you surely know that Martin Ellingham comes across as a deeply flawed but ultimately sympathetic character. Yet in interviews you routinely portray him as "vile" and "rubbish" with nothing redeeming about him except his love for Louisa. In my best Louisa Glasson voice, why do you DO this?


Mr Clunes seems to be a master at non-verbal communication. As Doc Martin, his facial expressions are as funny and revealing as his curt replies to his patients. Does Mr Clunes have favorite comedians who influenced his comedic style? Jack Benny especially appears in my mind and perhaps Kelsey Grammar.


Clunes is a master of facial expression and we wonder if he was influenced by the late great Jack Benny and perhaps Kelsey Grammer. We can't help but notice some similarities in style.
Tom Czarnik Brighton, Michigan USA


I'm a big fan of the Doc Martin Series. I was really disappointed though when I saw a fairly recent interview by Martin Clunes that said America is a stupid country. Who says such things? Its not really a question but a comment. This is the link. The comment is towards the end of the interview.


I saw that interview but agree with the many people who didn't take that comment seriously. He was laughing when he said it. I've read and seen hundreds of interviews and he's always joking and doesn't seem the type to make a deliberate unkind comment. And I also think his addn'l comment was directed at the Hollywood industry that does want to Americanize their programs. One of many examples - we all know that Hugh Laurie is British but of course he had to play the role as an American. Just my opinion...



I hope that Doc Martin continues for at least another series after # 5. However, when it finally does stop production, what would his 'dream' acting job be?? Does he have something on the 'back burner' as a project, possibly with his own production company?

I read about his newest documentary called 'Lion Man' which is about his friend, wildlife conservationist Tony Fitzjohn. When will that be televised? Does he have any other plans for any future documentary shows? I've enjoyed all of them that he's done so far!


1. When you began developing the show, did you envisage Doc Martin reaching a 5th series?
2. Will there be a series 6?
3. Did you have the Martin and Louisa’s relationship with the baby planned out from the very beginning?
4. Why did you call your production company ‘Buffalo Pictures’?
5. What is the average cost of producing one episode?
6. How long does the editing process take?
7. Are you aware of the large online fan community that loves the show?


Can you not take pity on your international fans and stream Series 5 on the web when it airs in British TV? The show is loved around the world!


I was wondering if he would ever make a trip to the U.S.? I'd so love to meet him.

My husband and I could watch Doc Martin 24/7 and never get tired of it. I hope that in the 5th season he does loosen up a bit and enjoy being with Louisa and the Baby who I hope they don't name Martin. I can't stand it when parents make babies juniors. As if they can't come up with any other name. We can't wait for season 5, 6, 7 and so forth!


I haven't seen very many episodes here in the U.S., but it appears Doc Martin never removes his coat, even at home and when treating patients in the surgery. Why? Love the show!

I absolutely love Doc Martin. Please make series 6. I can't bear to see it end.