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Last month I joined KCET's Huell Howser at the LA Auto Show. Huell was on the Convention Center floor taping segments for a special two hour event airing this week on KCET.

On Thursday night, January 14 at 9:00 PM we begin our look at the past, present and future of electric cars with the acclaimed documentary Who Killed the Electric Car by director Chris Paine. After that, Huell Howser follows with a brand-new speical on the cars the American public will be hearing about (and hopefully buying too) in coming months.

In this preview Huell, GM spokesman Shad Balch, and director Chris Paine talk about car buyers' new interest in anything that is electric, has four wheels and gets gas mileage like nothing we've seen before.

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I'm happy Huell took a look at a tried and tested technology that delivers great mileage and can be found in car showrooms everywhere. It's the diesel engine which is slowly but surely make inroads with the American car buying public. Volkswagen and Audi have been at the forefront and at the LA Auto Show, diesel technology finally got its moment in the sun.

Even though the stated mileage of diesels from VW and Audio is 42 miles per gallon, many owners are enjoying mileage that is closer to 60mpg. I'll admit I know about this because in dreaming about my next car, I've honed in on the diesel as the likely candidate. Don't ask me how many hours I've spent on auto websites researching the matter.

Director Chris Paine (who is working on a new film Revenge of the Electric Car believes it'll be some years before the battery technology that will be the core of electric cars is standardized and perfect. I'm hoping Michigan's new efforts to bring electric cars to the forefront will succeed. Aside from GM's Volt, there's the Tesla, Honda Insight. And soon we'll have a pure plug-in that promises 100 miles per electric charge. It's Mitsubishi's i Miev. Huell was able to take a test drive and I'm surprised by his mini review.

Whether you're a car fanatic or not, you'll definitely enjoy Huell Howser's special night about electric cars. KCET, Thursday, January 14 stating at 9:00 pm. Till next time, Bohdan

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