The Chandlers and Their Times

Last weekend national newspaper and broadcast television critics and bloggers gathered in Pasadena for a preview of PBS' highly anticipated fall specials. Among the gems they saw is a film I hope you'll enjoy: Inventing LA: The Chandlers & Their Times.Award winning producer-writer-director Peter Jones has created a definitive look at the family that single-handedly shaped and defined what we now know as Los Angeles. The two-hour documentary will air on KCET October 5 at 9:00 p.m.


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After showing the media critics the opening of Peter Jones' film, I had the pleasure to introduce the panelists: producer/writer/director Peter Jones, former LA Times publisher and CNN head Tom Johnson, and Harry Brant Chandler. The television writers loved what they saw and had non-stop questions for the trio. Had there not been a hard out of 11:10 am to allow for the next session (featuring Alan Alda) to get underway, our portion of the critics tour would have gone until after the sun set. The press were that interested by what they saw.

Here is the opening of Inventing LA: The Chandlers & Their Times:

There would be many more one on one interviews for Peter, Tom and Harry later that day. One of the stops was in the room where Mediashift host Mark Glaser conducted separate interviews with Messrs. Jones, Johnson and Chandler. Here are links to those interviews:

Glaser interviews former LA Times publisher and CNN executive Tom Johnson.

And finally, Glaser talks to producer/writer/director Peter Jones.

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Saw this documentary this weekend. Really amazing and eye-opening.