When Huell Met Barbi Benton

How do you make awkward flirting seem charming? Easy: Let Huell Howser do it. You might expect that watching Huell flirt with someone on-camera would be weird to watch -- he is your honorary uncle, after all -- yet this short clip makes for a fascinating watch. It's a delicate, public dance he's doing with Barbi Benton -- model, singer and the onetime partner of Hugh Hefner -- at the 1980 Country Music Awards.

You really must watch Huell act all hummina-hummina:

No lie -- my jaw dropped open when Huell tells Barbi, "My hands are so hot and sweaty right now. I can't stand it."

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Benton, downplays her music career here, but it's worth noting that she scored a legit country hit in 1975 with album "Brass Buckles." (Hear the title track here. And 1976's "Ain't That the Way" ain't bad either.)

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