When Huell Howser Met Tony Danza

One of the great things about Huell Howser's interviews is that he didn't have them edited to death. You can actually watch a conversation unfold naturally instead seeing it chopped up into something that's different from how it actually happened. The clip you see here -- Huell's 1981 interview with Tony Danza at Pink's Hot Dogs -- is also presented mostly unedited, to the point that you hear Danza let slip a swear word that probably wouldn't have made the cut for CNN.

Highlights? Danza, only two years into the run of "Taxi," plugging a movie in which he co-stared with Jessica Walter, Danny DeVito and three orangutans; watching him proudly show off his '57 Porsche Speedster, and Huell's non-reaction to Danza's statement, "You like all the greasy joints in town." Good times.
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See more on Huell's official YouTube page. And if you haven't yet, take a moment to sign Huell's memorial page.

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