An Important Message for Time Warner Customers Trying to Find KCET

On Feb. 8, Time Warner will be updating its digital signal and you may find you have trouble finding your favorite KCET programs. You can easily fix the problem, though the steps you take may vary slightly based on your TV manufacturer. Try the

  • Get your remote.
  • Navigate to the RESCAN function. Typically you have to go to either MENU or SETTINGS and find what is usually called AUTO PROGRAM normally found under the heading of CHANNELS.
  • Hit the SCAN or RESCAN option.
  • You may have to wait a few moments while it rescans and then you should be able to find KCET again in your cable line up.
For more information, watch the explainer we're currently airing on air:

If you continue to have problems, you can call Time Warner tech support directly -- (888) 892-2253 -- or search on Google "Auto Program" for your specific TV maker.

Here are some resources for various models of TV sets:


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