Jonesing for More Huell? Has Your Fix

Maybe you're sitting at work right now, a bit laggy from lunch and needing a special something to propel you through the rest of the day. Might that something be an excitable Tennessee accent? Just maybe?

If so, you may be interested to know that Huell Howser is more readily available than ever on KCET's video page. The Huell Howser channel now boasts more than 40 full episodes of Huell's various series -- from "California's Gold" to "Visiting with Huell Howser" to all the rest. It's Huell Howser, on demand when you need him most. Just click here.

In fact, why don't we just watch a classic Huell episode right now?

Ta-da! Your day has now benefitted from additional Vitamin H.

(And while you're looking at KCET's video page, be sure to check out channels for original series such as "SoCal Connected," "Open Call," "Your Turn to Care" and "Classic Cool Theater.")

About the Author

Drew Mackie, associate producer of new media, liked shows about old British people before it became fashionable. He also says silly things on Twitter.
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