KCET's Weekend of Intrigue

What's airing this weekend on KCET primetime? Suspicion, political machinations, deception and shady deadlings -- or, in short, good entertainment.

This Saturday at 9 p.m., Cool Classic Theater brings you the 1945 thriller "Blood on the Sun," starring James Cagney and Sylvia Sidney. Watch the trailer here:

The film offers a perspective on American sentiments toward the Japanese just before the end of World War II. This week's edition of "Cool, Classic Context" takes a closer look at these attitudes -- both the ones expressed by a less-than-factually-accurate plot as well as the ones expressed off screen. Read it now!

And then on Sunday at 9 p.m., KCET screens the third and fourth hours of "I, Claudius" back-to-back. Watch a trailer for this celebration of togas and backstabbing here:

We've posted recaps for episode three and episode four, in case you'd rather have your plot twists spoiled. Those of you who missed last week's installments can read our recaps for episode one and episode two. And, as always, refer back to our "I, Claudius" character guide in case you have trouble differentiating one debauched Roman from another.

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Drew Mackie, associate producer of new media, liked shows about old British people before it became fashionable. He also says silly things on Twitter.
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