When Huell Met George Burns

It's no secret that Huell Howser met a great many people during his time in front of the camera. But while he clearly delighted in talking to normal, un-famous people, he had a way with celebrities too. In the above clip, watch Huell interviewing comedy great George Burns at the 1980 Country Music Awards. Why was George Burns, of all people, attending the 1980 CMAs? Well, you probably have forgotten about Burns' country-twinged 1980 novelty hit, "I Wish I Was Eighteen Again."

In the short clip, Huell actually calls back to Dolly Parton, whom he interviewed in the previous clip we posted here on KCET. Huell asks Burns if there's any truth to the rumor that George Burns would work with Dolly Parton. Burns' three-word response reminds you how great he was at thinking on his feet: "The three of us?"

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