Where's Huell? It's Catalina Island Week!

What's a week without the continued adventures of our Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like springtime without poppies, that's what. This week, Huell sets his sights on Santa Catalina, doing everything from visiting a private island off the coast to watching the famous flying fish.

Monday -- April 23, 7:30 PM: S.S. Catalina Update

Huell begins a week-long voyage to Santa Catalina with a look at the ship that ferried 24 million people to and from the island between 1924 and 1975. Or at least Huell sees what's left of it. Though the S.S. Catalina was scrapped, elements from it -- benches, signs, doors -- now decorate the home of history lover Dave Engholm.

Check out this glimpse into the ship's heyday:

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Tuesday -- April 24, 7:30 PM: Flying Fish

You know, flying fish and Huell Howser have a lot in common: Both simply have too much love of adventure to contain themselves in one place. Watch from a glass-bottom boat as these little Huell Howsers of the sea show off their stuff just a few miles off the Catalina coast... and then see what they look like close up.

Watch a preview of Huell's flying fish outing:

Wednesday -- April 25, 7:30 PM: Bird Rock

If you ever feel like Santa Catalina Island isn't remote enough, Huell has taken one step further: Bird Island, an isolated (but privately owned) chunk of rock off the coast that's covered in... snow? Looks like snow! Gee, why do you suppose it's called "Bird Island" if it's covered in snow?

Watch a preview of Huell's visit to this white-capped paradise:

Thursday -- April 26, 7:30 PM: Catalina Arabian Ranch

When you think of Santa Catalina, what leaps to mind? Bison? Beaches? The casino? How about chewing gum? On tonight's episode, Huell explores one of the lasting legacies of chewing gum tycoon William Wrigley Jr., his family's Arabian horse ranch. You'll be surprised how many horses you can buy with chewing gum.

Watch a preview of Huell at the Wrigley ranch:

Friday -- April 27, 7:30 PM: Wrigley Botanical Gardens

"Long-lasting flavor" could be a ad line for Wrigley Gum as well as the family itself, as far as Santa Catalina is concerned. As Huell learns, the 38-acre Wrigley Botanic Garden boasts a host of Catalina's uniquely evolved specimens, but also the (now former) burial tower of William Wrigley Jr. himself. That's right: When you're a chewing gum tycoon, you get and island and a burial tower.

Catch a peek at Huell's botanic gardens trip here:

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