About the Show
Stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. A good story can inspire people everywhere to think, to start conversations, and to take action. These films, from Link TV's ViewChange.org, bring the timeless power of storytelling to a modern and critical mission: fighting poverty, hunger, and disease around the world. ViewChange.org is a ground-breaking multimedia website that's built to connect you to the world of global development. And now, we're bringing ViewChange and its stories to life on your television. Catch five-minute shorts, feature-length documentaries, and everything in between in this unique and inspiring series that proves storytelling really can change the world.
Friday February 12 at 2:00AM on KCETLINK
Tuesday February 23 at 2:30AM on KCETLINK
Friday February 12 at 2:30AM on KCETLINK
Wednesday February 17 at 2:30AM on KCETLINK
Friday February 26 at 2:30AM on KCETLINK
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