'William and Mary' Episode Guide

Scroll down for a complete guide to the hit British comedy series "William and Mary," starring Martin Clunes and Julie Graham. And click here to see a full list of upcoming episodes.

Season One:

Undertaker William Shawcross joins a dating agency in the hope of finding his ideal match, and is instantly attracted to put-upon midwife Mary Gilcrest, but she's less than keen to go on a date as she has her hands full with a mother-to-be suffering from a terminal illness. After a lackluster first meeting, Mary agrees to see William again and a spark ignites between the fledgling couple, only for tragedy to strike when her patient dies, and the undertaker is called in to remove the body, revealing William's unappealing occupation in the process. Subsequent episodes find the couple coping with the demands of their jobs and their fledgling love life. William becomes attached to an elderly woman expecting to die very shortly. Mary helps a couple but suffers serious consequences at work. By the end of season one, William and Mary come close to ending their relationship and William is giving consideration to selling his business and moving to New Zealand, but Mary hears of his plans and makes a shocking proposal.

Episode 1: A widowed father of two, William Shawcross falls for midwife Mary as soon as he sees her picture at an up-market dating agency. But their first date doesn't go entirely according to plan. He's an undertaker; she's a midwife.

Episode 2: Now that Mary has found out that William is an undertaker, he fears that their relationship is ruined. But Mary has problems of her own dealing with a truant son and an unusual birth, while her live-in mother is determined to fix Mary up with her ex-boyfriend, Rick.

Episode 3: Julia goes missing as William and Mary indulge in a night of passion. Mary is suspended for endangering a baby's life. William makes a memorial service go with a bang.

Episode 4: Molly steps up her bid to get back her home. William falls victim to a bereaved father's anger. Mary gets her job back.

Episode 5: Rick tries to find the right opportunity to tell Mary about his relationship with Molly. William's mother dies and he's shocked to discover the extent of her wealth. And Mary's ex-partner unexpectedly turns up on her doorstep.

Episode 6: William goes ahead with his plans to sell the business. Reuben reveals his true colors, and at the last minute, fearing that William will follow through his plans to relocate to New Zealand, Mary realizes how much he means to her.

Episode 7: William and Mary are engaged, but will the course of true love run smooth? After selling Shawcross & Sons, Williams begins to think about opening a new funeral home.

Episode 8: There are wedding bells for Molly and Rick, and Mary has some surprising news. Meanwhile, William hunts for a larger house for the combined family.

Episode 9: William puts his family in danger when he buries a convicted murderer. Meanwhile, he realizes that the family needs a bigger home now more than ever.

Episode 10: A run of bad luck leaves William and Mary facing financial ruin. Will the new house be condemned?