About the Show
WORLD BUSINESS is a lively and informative weekly round-up of stories from around the world. The series, covering the latest trends in big business and big money, takes a fresh and in-depth look at important global events from an economic perspective by highlighting the latest developments in technology, media, entertainment and sports. The series also includes timely interviews with world leaders, innovators, opinion makers and trendsetters. Each episode contains five diverse segments: "Cover Story," a timely, high-impact and globally relevant business feature investigating a major business story from around the globe; "One on One," an interview with those responsible for changing the world of business and finance; "Tech Watch," an in-depth examination of technology's role in changing lives and revolutionizing the business world; "The Business of Sport," a look at the money, advertising campaigns and sponsorship deals behind the world's international sporting events; and "Pop Business," a populist approach to entertainment-related business news.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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