Feb 21

Mixed Up Violins

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Sat Feb 27 at 7:00AM on KCET-HD
A bishop asks the Mozart family, now on a concert tour, to take a valuable violin to Munich as a present for the prince-elector. As always, Devilius wants to get the Mozarts into trouble, so he replaces the valuable violin with a worthless old fiddle. He hopes to make it look like the Mozarts sold the valuable violin in order to make money. Then, Devilius will simply hand over the real violin and receive generous praise. In the end, Amadeus' musical genius takes center stage and thwarts Devilius' plans. The Music: "Violin Concerto in G" K. 216; "Divertimento in F" K. 138; "Violin Concerto in B" K. 207; et al. Additional Content: Monti explains violins' place among the string instruments or "strings." Then, he demonstrates the different sizes of a viola, a violin, a cello and a contrabass (double bass) and viewers hear the sounds they make.