Francine Russo's They're Your Parents, Too!

In the stories of the families featured in Your Turn to Care, we discover caregiving responsibilities can often fall mainly on one family member. When elderly parents need help, it is often the oldest child or the sibling without children of their own who comes to the rescue. In "They're Your Parents, Too!" veteran journalist and columnist Francine Russo candidly explores the caregiving journey, both hers and those of many siblings she met. Russo discovers sisters and brothers can be there for you like no one else--or they can drive you crazy and make everything harder. Francine Russo, who covered the "Boomer Beat" for Time Magazine, provides a roadmap full of helpful information and engaging stories of those traveling through this life-changing transition. Here is an excerpt from "They're Your Parents, Too!":

"We Weren't Your Norman Rockwell Family"

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Francine Russo

Francine Russo is a widely recognized journalist who covered the boomer beat for Time magazine for nearly a decade and authored the "Ask Francine" column. She has also written for The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Redbook, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Self, Glamour, and The Village Voice. A mother of two and stepmother of three, she has a Ph.D. in English and lives in Manhattan.

Excerpts from THEY'RE YOUR PARENTS, TOO! HOW SIBLINGS CAN SURVIVE THEIR PARENTS' AGING WITHOUT DRIVING EACHOTHER CRAZY by Francine Russo, copyright © 2010 by Francine Russo. Used by permission of Bantam Books, a division of Random House, Inc.

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