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New Report Finds Millions of Low Income Older Adults are Missing Out on Help with Their Health Care Prescription Food And Utility Costs

Throughout the Your Turn To Care documentary series, there is evidence of how Americans and their caregivers are caught in a financial squeeze between ineligibility for government assistance and the high cost of private care. A new report by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) finds that millions of Americans are missing out on over $20 billion in free and low-cost support that is available to help pay for health care, prescriptions, food, and utilities. Learn here about a new campaign that those agencies have launched to connect eligible Americans with free and low-cost resources provide helpful tools such as a benefits check-up tool and elder locater. Read more here.

What to Do if You Suspect Alzheimer's

Experts agree that there are several advantages to an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Not only are there medications to try that may stave off the decline, but knowing what to expect can help you keep your parent safe and out of trouble. And, early diagnosis will give your parent a chance to indicate preferences for the future -- choices about treatments, possible participation in research trials, end-of-life care. In Episode 3 of Your Turn To Care, you'll meet a family who make some hard decisions to address the problem of a wandering elder. Your Turn To Care expert Gary Small, M.D. director of the Longevity Center at the University of Southern California provides insight and advice. Gary Small, M.D. is also author of The Alzheimer's Prevention Program. Read more here.

Modern Aging: Caregiver Stress

In each episode of Your Turn To Care we witness moments in the caregiving journey when the balancing act of handling the details of caring for one's loved one along with children, self-care and working can be overwhelming. More than 60 million Americans are providing care for a relative. And one thing they have in common is stress. Caregiver burnout can have serious, even fatal, consequences. Just like good nutrition and exercise, we also need to rebalance our nervous system and dial down the stress on a daily basis. So how do we manage stress effectively? Here are tips to help prevent burnout. Read more here.

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