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City Audit Puts The L.A. Department of Aging Under Scrutiny

At a press conference yesterday Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel released an audit of the Los Angeles Department of Aging's (LADOA) Fiscal and Programs Operations. The audit calls on the LADOA and city leaders to implement efforts to improve services to seniors.

"We must make caring for our seniors a top priority and insist that the most vulnerable are being reached," said Greuel in a press release. "As Los Angeles' senior population continues to grow, it is imperative that the Department of Aging's resources are administered to produce the best results in the most cost effective manner."

The audit, which scrutinized the LADOA's fiscal and program operations, focused on three programs that receive two-thirds of the Department's annual funding.

  • meals in a congregate setting and by home delivery,
  • personalized door-to-door transit service,
  • senior community service employment services that offers job training in public and non-profit agencies.

These programs provide services that the city's seniors depend on. While all of these programs are accessible to seniors across the City, eligibility requirements are not standardized citywide.

LADOA Area Map

Greuel, who was joined by Councilmember Dennis Zine and seniors at the East Valley Adult Center in Sherman Oaks, called for improved program administration and urged the Department of Aging to:

  • Improve its outreach efforts to low-income and minority seniors;
  • Enhance monitoring to ensure that providers are complying with home-delivered meal program requirements; and
  • Improve tracking systems to demonstrate the effectiveness of its senior outreach activities

"The Department of Aging serves some of Los Angeles' most vulnerable residents. We need to maximize the resources within the department, protect taxpayer dollars, and ensure that our senior population achieves the highest quality of life possible. I look forward to having a comprehensive discussion on Controller Greuel's findings in the Audits & Governmental Efficiency Committee," Councilman Dennis P. Zine stated in a press release.

"Without a comprehensive system to collect program data and measure accurate results seniors are at a disadvantage because those that need assistance the most may not be reached," said Greuel. "It is essential that the Department of Aging improve its efforts to reach the City's most vulnerable seniors."

Greuel urged the Department of Aging to implement her audit recommendations and for the council to immediately hold hearings on this matter.

For more information, log on to the Website of Los Angeles Controller Wendy Greuel: controller.lacity.org

Main photo courtesy of By Kansas Sebastian, from Flickr under a creative commons license

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