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Open Enrollment: Time To Assess Your Medicare Plan

Open Enrollment for Medicare begins today, October 15, 2012. This is a time for beneficiaries and their caregivers to review their medical needs and if necessary make changes to the coverage and services they receive. It's important to do an annual assessment that includes medical and financial considerations as well as special circumstances that may be affecting the beneficiary's life or lifestyle during the upcoming year. If there are no changes, and an individual is satisfied with their plan, there is no need to take part in the open enrollment.

Your Turn To Care is excited to partner with UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Made Clear campaign during this period of time to offer tips, resources and videos that caregivers can reference as they assist the person they care for make the best choice for themselves.

Open enrollment runs from October 15 through December 7. During this time Medicare beneficiaries can elect to make the following changes in their plan:

  • Change from the Original Medicare (Part A & B) to a Medicare Advantage (Plan C) plan, or the other way around.
  • Change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Join or drop a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug
  • Switch from one stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan to another

Medicare can be difficult system to understand, so UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Made Clear offers "Ten Key Fact About Medicare." This is an easy to follow video that provides essential information on the different Medicare plans, how they work, and what they cover.

Medicare recipients should have received information from their plan regarding the open enrollment period over the past few weeks. It's important to review this information and understand what if any changes will occur in their current plan, as this may influence whether a beneficiary stays with or switches their Medicare insurance.

Become more familiar with Medicare and its various components by staying tuned to Your Turn To Care and UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Made Clear.

For more information: - The official U.S. Government Site for Medicare
Social Security
California Healthcare Advocates
(check your State's Department of Aging website for Medicare information)

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