Drutz Al

Al Drutz

Name: Al Drutz
Age: 90

Cared for By: WISE Connections

His Story: Al Drutz and his 86-year-old wife Eileen have four children and nine grandchildren. Al owned and ran an appliance store before retiring and his wife worked in a lab for many years. The couple are used to a busy life but with age it isn't as easy to get around. As members of WISE Connections, Al and Eileen take advantage of field trips and social and cultural outings. Al particularly likes museums and art exhibits. The couple also gets help keeping important appointments. The volunteers of WISE Connections make a big difference when it comes to staying well, active and connected to their community.

His Reflections: "I don't drive anymore and there's no way I would get around very much....That's one of the reasons why we're with the group here. As soon as I heard about it I wanted to go, and so does Eileen. It works out well for us."

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