Algerine Correia

Name: Algerine Correia
Age: 64

Who She Cares For: 92-year-old father, Manuel, who has dementia and her 88-year-old mother, Anita, who is a diabetic.

Your Turn To Care Episode: "Do"

Her Story: Artist and designer Algerine Correia says she always imagined she would be her parents' caregiver. She is divorced and her two grown children are living on their own. She runs her fine art glass business out of her home and has the space and the flexibility to manage her parents' care. Hired caregivers help daily, allowing Algerine the time for an active social life and a variety of sports activities. Caregiving is a balancing act, says Algerine, and she has realized you cannot care for others unless you are also taking good care of yourself. She's also learned that in order to survive the challenges and stresses of caring for elderly parents you have to find support and make time for respite, relaxation and recreation. The balance makes for calmer, happier times with her beloved parents.

Reflections: "You know, at a minimum, what I look for now is just keeping them happy, keeping them safe, keeping them healthy as best I can. Um, and I try spending as much time as I can with them, but I think that's also part of it, is that I realize that I really can't be here 24/7."

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