Algerine Children

Algerine's Children

Who: Alexis Zimbalist and McNair Zimbalist, Algerine Correia's children
Age: Alexis, 31, McNair, 29

Your Turn To Care Episode: "Do"

Their Story: The two children of caregiver Algerine Correia, Alexis and McNair are part of a large close knit extended family. Both of them have rewarding jobs with internet companies. When the children moved out, their rooms were converted to living quarters for their grandparents Anita and Manuel. The brother and sister visit for meals and family gatherings as often as possible. Algerine also makes time to visit with each one of her children separately as well, keeping in touch with their lives. Algerine insists the caregiving duties for her parents are not her children's responsibility and encourages them to pursue their dreams and not worry about her. But they do.


McNair: "I think it's been just an impossible situation for her to try and cope with now being their parent and watching them kind of act like children, to a certain extent. I can't imagine how painful it is for her and how stressful it is... she manages to do so much of this on her own and it's incredibly impressive. But it takes its toll on her. She does everything she can to alleviate a lot of the pressure. But I don't see how it can't stress her out enormously."

Alexis: "I think it's's an impossible situation. And exhausting too. Even when we come over for dinner or lunch, it's the same question over and over again (from grandparents) which is fine, but it's tough. It's mentally tough to see them go from the boisterous people I remember them as kids to hanging in there but not quite the same person."

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