Alice Bryant

Alice Bryant

Name: Alice Bryant
Age: 84
Cared for By: Chip Phillips and Julie Phillips, his wife.

Her Story: Alice Bryant was born in Maine and educated in Rhode Island where she trained as a nurse. She and Dr. Phillips met in 1948 at a hospital in Providence where he was a resident in Pediatrics and she was a floor nurse. Later, Alice moved to New York City where she spent 30 years working as an OB-GYN nurse at New York Hospital.

Reflections: "I never thought about getting old. I don't think--I didn't ever expect to get to be as old as I am now. Something inconceivable to me. Although my mother lived to be 100. All my brothers and sisters have died. They were in their seventies. I guess I'm going to be like my mother and live to 100. Who knows?"

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