Chip Phillips

Chip Phillips

Name: Chip Phillips
Age: 54

Cares For: Dr. Edgar Phillips, Father, and Alice Bryant, his companion.
Your Turn to Care Episode: "Ask"

His Story: Chip Phillips is an actor and screenwriter who has appeared on stage in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and various regional theaters all over the country. He and his wife, Julie, were living in New York and making frequent visits to his father and Alice in Miami when they realized Edgar was beginning to have serious memory problems and Alice was overwhelmed being his sole caretaker. So Chip hatched a plan for both couples to move to Los Angeles together so that he and Julie could care for them.

Reflections: "Dad is very bright and very learned. If you were to meet him and talk to him you wouldn't even know there's any issue. He will cover with a joke. There was one time when Alice said, "Ed, you went up the stairs and you went in to the wrong apartment." And his response was, "Did I stay long?"

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