Cora Kreachbaum

Name: Cora Kreachbaum
Age: 69

Cared for by: Terry Kreachbaum, Husband, and her family and palliative care team.
Your Turn to Care Episode: "Heal"

Her Story: Cora was a nurse for 33 years and raised two daughters, both now in their 30's. When Cora was diagnosed with breast cancer she underwent a mastectomy and thought all was well until the cancer recurred in 2007. She had chemotherapy and the cancer went into remission. Then, in 2011 she learned that the cancer had returned in her chest and spread to her abdominal area. Cora is determined to face her last months and days with dignity. She says palliative care has given her peace of mind because she knows that help is just a phone call away.

Reflections: "There are many days when Terry and I will get weepy. But we also see the bright side. Each day is another day we're alive and can still do stuff together and so it really gives you an appreciation of time."

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