Dr. Edgar Phillips

Dr. Edgar Phillips

Name: Dr. Edgar Phillips
Age: 88

Cared for By: Chip Phillips, Son, and Julie Phillips, Daughter-in-law.
Your Turn to Care Episode: "Ask"

His Story: Edgar Phillips is a Yale-educated pediatrician and a veteran of both the Army and the Navy. He gave up his medical practice to found a non-profit organization dedicated to training professionals to be better equipped to foster the emotional and developmental needs of children. After many years living in Florida, Dr. Phillips and his companion, Alice Bryant, agreed to move to Los Angeles with his only son, Chip, and Chip's wife, Julie. Dr. Phillips continues to play the piano and table tennis with passion and determination.

Reflections: "You're as young as you feel. We're healthy, in a good area, get along okay, and so I feel very much the same as when I was 20. I'm with whom I want to be in a nice area doing things fun, healthy, happy, not rich but not poor. How good can it get?"

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