Dwan Leidig

Dwan Leidig

Name: Dwan Leidig
Age: 74

Cared for By: Kristin Leidig-Sears, Daughter
Your Turn to Care Episode: "The Talk"

Her Story: In the span of a year, Dwan Leidig had a stroke and while recovering lost her husband of 44 years to cancer. She also was told she had to stop driving when her doctor determined she was no longer capable. When Dwan persisted in driving, her daughter Kristin was forced to take the car keys away. Dwan is determined to resume driving and is working hard with occupational therapist and a driving instructor to regain both cognitive and physical skills so she can pass the test and get back on the road.

Reflections: "It is such a loss of freedom...I feel so uncomfortable having to ask somebody to take me places, but you have to. Fortunately I have a lot of good friends and they're just fabulous. They come from far and near to take me places and visit and it's been wonderful. I just thank God every night for my dear friends. It is a blessing."

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