Eileen Taylor

Eileen Taylor

Name: Eileen Taylor
Age: 90

Cared for by: WISE Connections
Your Turn to Care Episode: "The Talk"

Her Story: Eileen is a great grandmother and for years she owned a popular beauty salon, often too busy for her favorite hobbies. But in retirement she has become an avid gardener. Eileen enjoys her independence but as a widow admits living alone has its drawbacks. She welcomes the assistance and companionship offered by the caring WISE Connection friends in her neighborhood.

Reflections: 'Well, it just means a little more security, and I like that security. And I also like getting to know my neighbors. When we all moved here years ago, we all knew each other. But everything gets so busy, pretty soon you have no reason to even know your neighbor. This way, you do have a reason. So it's very good. Very happy about it."

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