Gunn Leater

Gunn Leater

Name: Gunn Leater
Age: 47

Cares For: Leamon Wilder, Father
Your Turn To Care Episode: "Do"

Her Story: When her mother died six years ago, Gunn moved back into her childhood home to take care of her elderly father who has dementia. Eventually, she had to give up her job because her caregiving responsibilities often kept her busy 15 hours a day. She prides herself on keeping up her father's impeccably groomed appearance, cooking, and taking care of the house the way her mother always did. Respite is provided when her father goes to an adult day health care center three days a week. Gunn says working out at the gym and the companionship of a close group of girlfriends helps her deal with the stress and demands of caregiving. But she worries that rejoining the workforce after her caregiving days are finished will be very difficult.

: "I don't dwell on it (her future) a lot because it'd stress me out too much; I found that out the hard way. I was worrying daily about that, so I have to let go and give it to God and I do believe that something good is gonna happen for me. I just don't know what."

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