Kristin Leidig-Sears

Kristin Leidig-Sears

Name: Kristin Leidig-Sears

Cares For: Dwan Leidig, Mother
Your Turn to Care Episode: "The Talk"

Her Story: Kristin is an only child and the job of caring for her mother is falling squarely on her shoulders. Kristin is a fulltime teacher and married to Dan Sears; they have a young daughter and are expecting a second child. After Kristin's mother, Dwan, had a serious stroke, the doctor told Dwan she could no longer drive. Despite the dictate, Dwan continued to get behind the wheel. Fearing for her mother's safety as well as others, Kristin and her husband took the keys away and disabled Dwan's car.

Reflections: "Look for experts because let's face it, everybody else is going to be more knowledgeable than you are at this point."

"Remember your kids are watching you. And how you treat your parents is probably how you're going to be treated."

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