Leamon Wilder

Leamon Wilder

Name: Leamon Wilder
Age: 95

Cared for By: Gunn Leater, Daughter
Your Turn To Care Episode: "Do"

His Story: Mr. Leater is the father of six sons and only one daughter, Gunn. A deeply religious man, he loved to take the pulpit to preach at his church and remains a beloved member of his congregation. When his wife of more than fifty years died, his daughter moved back home to become his primary caregiver. He says Gunn takes better care of him than he could ever take care of himself. Mr. Leater attends a neighborhood adult day health care center three times a week. There he receives medical care for hypertension and diabetes and participates in a variety of socially and mentally stimulating activities that improve his overall well-being.

Reflections: "I love the daycare because they keep me in action. They treat you like you're a human being."

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