Marta Urquiza

Name: Marta Urquiza
Age: 74

Cared for By: Sons Edmund Urquiza, 46, Verno Urquiza, 48, and Jaime Urquiza, 49.
Your Turn to Care Episode: "The Talk"

Her Story: Marta Urquiza is the mother of six children; three sons and three daughters--all of whom are helpful and close to their mother. A linguist by training, Mrs. Urquiza worked as a transportation coordinator for the City of Burbank, California until recently, but retired because Parkinson's disease made it difficult for her to do her job. A widow on a fixed income, she wonders what the future will hold as her children do all they can to give her security and peace.

Reflections: "I have the warm feeling of having my sons near me and I feel protected."

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