Mary Winners

Mary Winners

Mary Winners has over a decade of experience in the business development aspect of healthcare. While physicians and nurses provide medical recommendations, Mary understands the other side of health care-the confusing maze of health care options and unknowns. She has extensive knowledge in acute care hospitalization, Gero-psychiatric issues, Alzheimer's and dementia care, hospice, assisted living and other senior care options.

Mary is the founder of About Senior Solutions, a Geriatric Evaluation and referral organization. The company offers support to aging seniors and their loved ones to find the right direction for care and support tools.

Mary is a very strong advocate for seniors in the community and is a member of several life enhancing senior programs in Los Angeles County. Mary has aligned herself with several community programs, including acting as the Co-Chair for the Area Agency on Aging's Focal Point Consortium in Pasadena.

Mary is a firm believer in "treating people the way you want to be treated." This philosophy of care has made her is a valuable family resource and a highly requested speaker on care choices for seniors. Mary has addressed a variety of health care topics to many groups over the years. One of her many passions is discussing assisted living options and care for those who suffer from dementia.

Mary Winners feels strongly about individuals planning for their future care, regardless of age. A plan becomes a gift that individuals present to their family. There is a sense of fulfillment for adult children to know that they are carrying out the wishes of their parents. Planning also provides empowerment and takes a bit of crisis out of the care situation. When families have choices, when they have a plan in place, the senior ultimately receives quality of life.

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