Phyllis Karp

Phyllis Karp

Name: Phyllis Karp
Age: 73

Cared for By: Stacy Diorio-Gustafson, Daughter, and Bernard Karp, Ex-husband.
Your Turn to Care Episode: "Ask"

Her Story: As a child and young woman, Phyllis was a singer, dancer and ventriloquist who appeared on television, Broadway, and in two USO tours. She left show business to marry and raise children. By 1981 she and her husband, Bernie, had separated but he returned after she had a stroke in her early 40s. The stroke caused blood clots in one arm that led to an above the elbow amputation. She is now a resident at the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging.

Reflections: "The first day I walked in here, saw people walking with smiles, having destinations, I said 'You know what, this is where I have to be.' Not want, but have to be. And I'm loving every moment of it."

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